Let Us Leave the Press Box with Steve Tisi

All right guys, last weekend was spectacular…this week we take it out of the press box and in to the stands. The student section in particular. Oh yes, the section that chanted “Jesus hates you” and “F-you Harvard,” would be my place for the evening.

5:51 – It’s snowing, it’s cold and it’s BUS TIME!!!!

5:56 – We are stopped at a red light and the entire bus of students just began gawking at the spot lights resonating from the TD Banknorth Center…I really want one of these for my house at home.

5:58 – Students hitchhiking from Dunkin Donuts in the snow…BRILLIANT!!!!!

6:01 – Heading up the yellow brick road to the Center, on the side of the building was a huge lit up Bobcat with the slogan “Bobcats Live Here,” I loved this thing…but people on the bus disagreed out loud .

6:08 – Props go out to Jessica and Stephanie in the media information room…apparently they needed to be there the entire night and well since no one was probably going to be in there the rest of the night we have officially found the worst job in the TD Banknorth Center.

6:30 – WELCOME EVERYONE TO THE STUDENT SECTION of the Center. These infamous sections have been subject to e-mails and announcements about their language and rough housing and WE GET TO BE IN THE MIDDLE OF IT. Let’s just say we are not even a half hour till the puck drops and the pep band is prepping…the fans are slamming the glass…a sea of yellow and blue fill the stands and Buckcherry is the band of choice over the PA.

6:34 – “EVERYBODY KNOWS YAAALLE BLOWS!!!” and “Q – U – Q – U” are already being screamed…this is insane, talk about atmosphere, the game hasn’t begun and the seats are full.

6:36 – 4 police offers…4….for the student section alone.

6:38 – Hey Frank…the facilities guy out on the ice…the fans love you. FRANK THE TANK,” yeah Frank you’re loved.

6:42 – The first blue and gold Afro sighting of the year…here’s to many more

6:46 – If I can find pictures of this I’ll post it ASAP, but, a guy with a Yale Bulldog hanging from a hockey stick just entered the section…sorry Frank I think you just lost you’re title as “most loved man of the night” and in only 4 minutes.

6:53 – Cue lights off…cue the smoke…QU HOCKEY TEAM HITS THE ICE… THE PLACE IS SHAKING. This is where we begin the count down to when my ears are going to start bleeding.

7:00 – oh man, it’s the first time I’m hearing the PA guy…oh no wait it’s a big F-U to Yale…Same thing.

7:04 – Tonight we are being joined by Jocelyn of WQAQ fame and we just ran in to each other. Also, we have moved to make room for the guys who have “QU Bobcats” written across their chest…sacrifices.

7:11 – Hey…let’s all put on our big surprise faces as the boards have broken……….again.

7:15 – To make sure no board dividers are broken again the facilities guy goes through each one and secures um all….along with high-fiving fans.

7:21 – Here’s a great stat…Quinnipiac just received their 2nd penalty and Yale still has no shots on goal.

7:23 – Ok well maybe I shouldn’t have started walking to a better spot…Yale 1-0

7:31 – When is the first fight? I say the beginning of the 3rd period.

7: 36 – Pathetic…I’ve never seen a team miss so many shots, shots right at the goalies chest and crap passing…and oh yeah dominate a game like QU is doing. Also, they have been on a 5 on 3 for the last minute…but not doing anything.

7:37 – Back at full strength…shots on goal 12-3 QU

7:39 – The 1st period is over…and nothing happened. It was actually disappointing because the Bobcats were so good with 16 shots, and hit Yale harder then I have ever seen. Oh yeah they are losing 0-1 Yale.

7:42 – T-Shirt Bonanza….ok fine, let’s bring back “Dancing with Boomer”

7:45 – Hotdog time

7:46 – umm…ok no it’s $3

8:00 – The game is back on and there is actually no where to stand…so Jocelyn and I are going to try to find some seats for a minute

8:02 – It’s doesn’t seem as if the Bobcats can play the basic game of hockey. Bad passing and stick handling are just lost to them right now.

8:07 – The student section is just not with us right now. I can’t really blame them…there is a random chant of “Yale sucks” every so often…but nothing much more.

8:10 – Oh wait…just missed another goal…by QU!!!…Matt Sorteberg just made it 1-1 on a hard four on four.

8:13 – Yale still blows

8:16 – The pep band is getting some good airtime…they sound really good actually.

8:18 – Every section is getting loud now, not just the students.

8:19 – (Via Student Section) YAALLLEEE….YOU SUCK…2-1 QU. The community, the workers, the players…everyone is yelling. My ears are bleeding and Greg Holt is being swarmed.

8:20 – “It’s all your fault” (Directed to Yale goalie, Alec Richard…love the student section)

8:27 – Yale goes back in to the pond fishing for goals. This time, they got it to make it 2-2.

8:29 – The period is coming to an end and here are something’s to ponder. First, Fisher looks tired as hell, the boos are raining down on the Bobcats and now I’m kind of wishing I got that hotdog

8:30 – Mike and Mark take on two season ticket holders in a mid-ice shoot off. Side-Note…the season ticket holders just got booed….HAHAHA

8:34 – Boys….I need more pep band

8:41 – The game is back on and we have the pep band is belting it out…the students are revitalized and the team is hitting with authority. This is looking really good.

8:48 – The student section is chanting that Yale blows….but I’ll put this out there for consideration…if the game is tied, do they really suck?

8:51 – Jocelyn, what do you have to say about this game, “WTF!?!?!?!” Alec Richards is still showing the quick glove as he’s made some great saves in the last minute.

8:56 – Blue and gold slam the air with authority after Dave Marshall slips one past Richards to give the cats the 3-2 lead. Yellow towels float to the ice and once again its Richards fault.

9:01 – QU has another 5 on 3 and is applying an insane amount of pressure. The fans are growing restless with every close shot.

9:02 – Ben Nelson capitalizes on the advantage with a huge shot to help make the lead 4-2.

9:05 – Fisher saves one…then a shot right after by Sean Backman of Yale makes it 4-3. This is too close for comfort.

9:07 – Goals are flying in by the minute as Marshall just knocked in another one 5-3. Fans jumping on fans…towels are on the ice again and the place is just spectacular. Loud as hell…the blood is still flowing

9:09 – “THIS IS OUR HOUSE!!!!” and “YOU CAN’T STOP US!!!!” All true statements.

9:12 – The game is Quinnipiac’s, no doubt about it. Student Section…what do you have to say about this… “DO YOUR HOMEWORK”

9:16 – Open net…40 seconds left…GGGGGOOOOAAAAALLLLL….Andrew Meyer on t short hander made it 6-3. Oh yeah…Quinnipiac just got a penalty for delay of game because students are throwing towels and blue foam fingers on the ice. I’ve never actually seen a penalty for this.

9:20 – The game is over…Quinnipiac has secured another win and apparently 1st place of the ECAC with a St. Lawrence loss. Too bad no one was there to see it because everyone tried to leave early for the shuttle.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Ok, this game wasn’t too spectacular, but it did the job. This team now has first place…FIRST PLACE DAMN IT. This is huge for Quinnipiac and its sports. The place was filled to the brim with the exception of about 100 or so seats and it was electric. Congratulations goes out to Rand Pecknold and his team for amazing season it has put on this year and here’s to many more wins.



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  1. Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

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