Bobcats use 30-2 run to Demount The Mount

Bobcats use 30-2 run to Demount The Mount
By Seth Rothman
February 3, 2007

HAMDEN – The Quinnipiac University Men’s Basketball team was reeling. Down 29-13 against Mount St. Mary’s at the TD Banknorth Sports Center on Saturday, they needed a spark. Then Chris Wehye got the ball at the top of the key, and sent a floating pass towards the basket and a flying DeMario Anderson.


When Anderson slammed home the ball for a two-handed alley-oop with 5:41 remaining in the first half, the scoreboard read 21-15.


It might as well have read “Quinnipiac wins.”


Including that dunk, and the two that followed later in the game, the Bobcats went on a 30-2 run; including a 26-0 run that spanned nearly ten minutes of basketball. A minute after the dunk, DeSantis still was not a happy camper on the bench.

“Coach D called time and challenged us to get on the same page. He asked us if we were scared, if we wanted to play defense, if we wanted to step up,” Bobcats center Victor Akinyanju said after the Bobcats defeated The Mount 70-62. “On top of that [Mount St. Mary’s] was talking trash to us and disrespecting our fans. That was fuel for our fire.” 

“I just threw some scenarios out at them, like how we stunk out the joint against Central [Connecticut State on Monday], we’re in a $52 million dollar arena and we’re embarrassing ourselves,” Quinnipiac coach Joe DeSantis said. “It wasn’t even about winning the game at that point; it was about playing with pride and showing a little fight and character.”

Boy did they ever have fight and character. The 26-0 run is 11 points less than the all-time D-1 record set by Utah State last season. After a 2-1 start, the Bobcats lost 9 consecutive games to fall to 2-10. But now, the Bobcats are 10-11 (8-4 NEC), and on an 8-1 spurt. All eight wins have come in conference; a streak that has led the Bobcats into sole possession of third place in the Northeast Conference. 

“When you’re 2-10, and 9 straight losses, you spend a lot of time convincing yourself, and convincing your family that everything’s alright,” DeSantis said. “And sometimes you lie a little bit. I worked very hard at convincing myself that everything was going to be OK.” 

It is a spurt that has some at Quinnipiac thinking big things for this Bobcats team. But, as DeSantis pointed out after the game, there’s still a very long way to go for this team. 2 games against second place Sacred Heart, a game against Central this Tuesday (first place), and a game each against LIU and Robert Morris (9th and 6th, respectively). 

While the playoffs are becoming a likely destination for this Bobcats team; their inconsistency has driven their fan base, and likely their coach, crazy. If they can play a consistent 40 minute game; the sky may very well be the limit for the Quinnipiac Bobcats Men’s Basketball team.


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