Spotlight on Women’s hockey fans

Spotlight on Women’s hockey fans

By Justin Cohen

February 3, 2007 

The Quinnipiac University Women’s Ice Hockey team faced off against two ECAC/Ivy League opponents this weekend, Yale and Brown. While the men’s team faced Yale to a full house, only the dedicated fans came out to cheer on the ladies in their two ECAC bouts. This article is by a fan, for the fans, and about the fans.

I met three fans: The Newbie, The “Enemy” fan, and The Diehard. Anthony Filiaci, a sophomore, was here Friday for his first TD Banknorth Sports Center experience. Filiaci loves the place, it’s an “unbelievable place…the popcorn is good”. As far as women’s hockey, “it’s fun to watch, fun to go nuts. Now that we have our own facility, it’s fun to root for our team.”

Next, I went behind enemy lines and interviewed David O’Donnell, a Yale fan from New Haven, CT. He also praises the new facility, citing its easy access to everything. He thinks that Yale is doing well, but that next year they will miss a lot of their seniors. As for Quinnipiac, he said they were doing decent, and they have good fans.

Last, but certainly not least: The Diehards. I had a chance to run into the Nikki Leone fan club. They have made appearances at four games (yet, noticeably absent on Saturday night) and always bring signs. Jason DiMatteo, one of the founding members, says that the players themselves make the signs. (Talk about interacting with the fans!) Jason and fellow co-founder James Tomaselli founded the group when they met their neighbor, Nikki Leone. Also, Haley McMeekin was in class with DiMatteo. After talking to them I found out that they are true hockey fans and love the game and the women’s game as well. For more on them, tune into Sports Jam on February 16, 2007 at 10pm.

For the Brown game, we had some special fans as well. One group of fans showed up and made some noise. About four fans shouted “it’s all your fault” at the goalie after QU scored, and they also successfully started a “QàU” chant. I give my mad props of the week to those four fans. Come on out to more games!

            If you love hockey, or just want to be a part of the action, come on out February 16 at 7pm or February 17 at 7pm and watch the Bobcats final two regular season home games! See you there!


One response to “Spotlight on Women’s hockey fans

  1. Hey Justin it’s david o’donnell thanking you for the special day of my life if you wanted to also know that I’m so happy about the story you wrote about me from the radio station if you must know… email me at this address: if you want to ask me anything else about what I feel about other team sports if you wanted to know…….Thanks: Dave O’Donnell A.K.A. Daverino/Raven1/Jester#2

    P.S. Thanks For Having Me At Your New Arena!!!!

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