WQAQ SPORTS EXCLUSIVE BOBCATS NOTEBOOK: Former Coach Joe DeSantis discusses dismissal


Former Coach Joe DeSantis discusses dismissal

By: Michael T. Lyle, Jr.

WQAQ.com Sports

March 7, 2007

            Joe DeSantis spoke about his dismissal from the university earlier today.  Athletic Director Jack McDonald had released a statement through Vice President of Public Affairs Lynn Bushnell regarding the university’s decision to sever ties with DeSantis.  Here are some quotes from my brief interview with the now former Bobcats’ head coach:  

Q&A with Joe DeSantis on today’s release from the Quinnipiac basketball program: 

Q:  What happened that the school decided not to bring you back next season?


JD:  It was their decision.  I was a little surprised because I thought we had finished the season strong.  But if they want to go in another direction, then that’s their call.

Q:  How did the situation unfold today?               

JD:  I had originally requested a meeting at the end of the year because I wanted to know where I stood…I wanted to be out recruiting and getting this team ready for next season. The thing that bothers me about all of this is that that I had to find out at 10:00 this morning and then I had a meeting scheduled with my team at 3:30.

Q:  Why is the school making this decision now?

JD:  I didn’t ask why and at this point, it’s all over with.  I respect their decision if that’s what they chose to do.  You know maybe if we had beaten Sacred Heart the last game of the season we would have had home court for the first two games of the NEC tourney.

Q:  So what does the future hold for you?

JD:  It was a good 11 years and I’m happy about what I’ve done…A lot of coaches don’t get to that type of level.  I just have to man-up and find something else to do.

Q:  Any final thoughts for the future of the Quinnipiac Men’s basketball program?

JD:  I wish them luck and that they take care of business.  My only hope is that the kids that are there now will be well-taken cared of.   


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