Quinnipiac Golf Fails to Meet Academic Performance Score

Quinnipiac Golf Fails to Meet Academic Performance Score
By Jeremy Schilling

As first reported in the New Haven Register, the NCAA released its third ever report on academic performance among its athletes. Overall, most Division 1 schools did very well on the test. According to the NCAA, they said in their press release that “the third year of Academic Progress Rate [APR] data released May 2…show improvement in almost all sports, including football and baseball, two sports that in the past posted rates causing some concern among the membership.”

Two Quinnipiac programs, however, did not meet the minimum score of 925. Those programs are basketball, with a score of 910, and golf, with a score of 900. Responding to this issue, Chuck Menke, director of Athletic Communications for Quinnipiac, said, “All of our student-athletes and teams – including the men’s golf team – will continue to strive to reach or maintain such high standards in the classroom. Quinnipiac University remains committed to the total development of our student-athletes.”

A previous press release from Quinnipiac Athletics itself was quick to point out that four Quinnipiac teams were honored for having scores in the top 10 percent of their respective sports. To achieve this honor, the sport needs an APR score between 975 and a perfect 1,000. Those sports were baseball, field hockey, men’s indoor track and men’s outdoor track.

Speaking specifically for golf, Bobcats Head Coach John O’Connor said, “The APR data shows we have a severe situation that was due in large part to the golf teams in the past at Quinnipiac.”

Even though the NCAA indicated that overall penalties have dropped over the first three years of this program, there are still penalties to be assessed. According to the Register, the penalties assessed to the school for not meeting the minimum score range from public warning, reduced practice time for the individual sport, reduction in number of scholarships available to that sport, and, ultimately, banishment from postseason play for that sport.

O’Connor says he will make sure none of those penalties occur. “I will, however, see to it that the team continues to focus on the classroom and I will make sure the recruits understand that Quinnipiac is serious about this and I have every reason to believe the numbers will reflect how well the current team has done this year.”


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