Get your popcorn here

Dear fellow blog readers,

I would like to say thank you to all my family and friends who read this blog, along with fellow Quinnipiac students who have as well. I would also like to thank WQAQ Sports Department Directors Seth Rothman and Steve Tisi for putting this website together.

Many of you have asked me where you can find the “Popcorn Blog” I tend to talk a lot about. Well, because it has nothing to do with golf, it’s not on this page. So to save you time from having to delve deeply into the pages about basketball and hockey (even though you should check them out – there’s some fantastic articles there) here is the link to the so-called “Popcorn blog”:

While I’m at it, let me link you to the two blogs I wrote about the opening of the TD Banknorth Sports Center in January: (Day 1) (Day 2)

Jeremy Schilling


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