Fore Questions with….

Fore Questions with….
By Jeremy Schilling

…Quinnipiac Head Golf Coach John O’Connor

Why did you first get attracted to golf? “I started finding and selling golf balls on the local golf course at a very early age and then caddied at the private country clubs starting at age 12. My father took one of my brothers on a golf trip when I was young and I still remember spending the time with my dad.”

What is your best golf story? “I fly my own plane and one September I took three friends to a golf resort on Lake Champlain (Basin harbor). The resort had a grass runway alongside the eighteenth hole and after we landed the club sent two golf carts to pick us up, we played eighteen holes, flew back home and had dinner out. It was a very special day with some special friends.”

What’s your favorite food? “Stone crab served cold with a mustard sauce or a close second would be my mothers Shepard’s pie.”

“What is one thing that not even your fellow coaches and staff and athletics knows about you that they would find interesting/funny? “I love disco music. Maybe not interesting but funny.”

And a bonus question because he is the Head Coach…

What is your favorite holiday and why? “Halloween. I always took my kids out for Halloween and I loved seeing the excitement, happiness and exuberance running from door to door. Close second would be the Fourth of July. I always have a party for my family at my house and I feel like a big shot that day.”


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