A few minutes with Mary Wilson

A few minutes with Mary Wilson
by Matt Stucko
October 17, 2007

Part of a solid group of tennis players who are making their presence felt in the Northeast Conference, Mary Wilson is enjoying every second of her team’s success.

The Pennsylvania product is 10-3 this season in singles matches which puts her at the top of the NEC in victories.

The sophomore was recently named the NEC Player of The Week of 9/25. She advanced to the top flight singles and doubles earning her the honor. She teamed up with freshman, Adrienne Markison, and the two have become of true doubles tandem.

We caught up with Mary to talk about her strong start to the season, aspects of her game, and some of her future plans.

Being named Player of The Week, how much did it boost your confidence for future matches?

Mary Wilson: Being Player of The Week is definitely a proud accomplishment, but I just go into every match with the same mindset and that’s just trying my hardest to win.

And doubles, you played with Adrienne Markison. You two don’t have much playing history together, but it doesn’t seem to factor on the court. What was that like achieving what you two did so early in the season?

MW: It’s hard to replace Gabby from last year, but she was able to teach me everything and I find myself doing that with Adrienne. Adrienne is amazing though. She really stepped up to play first doubles. She keeps me positive and our games complement each other. We hope to keep this good streak running through regions in Virginia.

And was winning this weekly award a true testament to your off-season work during the summer?

MW: My coach, Craig Perry, at home is great. He works me hard so I’m ready for season. But to be honest when I hit with coach Quitko and my teammates, I feel it’s more similar to match play situations. The girls make me play to the best of my ability

How have you felt so far about your performance so far this season?

MW: I think my performance has been decent, but I’m never satisfied so that’s a tough question for me. (laughs)

What’s your biggest strength?

MW: My biggest strength. My teammates might disagree, but forehand down the line is really pretty when it goes in (laughs)

Is there any part of your game that you’re working on right now to improve?

MW: I’m just trying to stay more consistent, with more shots in the court. 100 ball drills baby!

And what are your expectations for that match/tournament?

MW: I just hope all the freshman and returning players are able to grove out all the nerves for future matches.

Have you set yourself any goals to accomplish by year’s end?

My goal for this year is for the new team to become as close as we were last year, and obviously, win another NEC title match.

When’s the next time you’ll be going home?

I’m going to try and make it home for my mom’s birthday on the 10th of November, but maybe not until Thanksgiving though.

What do plan doing during your time off?

I enjoy listening to music, being with friends, and going into the city when I get the chance.


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