Pecknold frustrated after Bobcats falter mentally against Air Force

Pecknold frustrated after Bobcats falter mentally against Air Force
by Seth Rothman
October 21, 2007

When the men’s ice hockey schedule came out this summer, groans could be heard to the farthest reaches of Hamden, Connecticut among the fans of the Quinnipiac Bobcats men’s ice hockey team. The big travel road trip, in previous years to North Dakota and Michigan, was scheduled for Air Force.

The groans, back then, were because fans thought coach Rand Pecknold had scheduled another pushover.

But this weekend, it was Quinnipiac that turned out to be the pushover as the Bobcats put forth two lackluster performances while getting swept by the Falcons.

Quinnipiac lost 4-1 on Friday night in a listless effort coach Rand Pecknold called “awful.”

“We have some really good hockey players that were just awful,” Pecknold said on Friday to WQUN. “They know it. Usually you have one kid that’s bad, we have some really big time players that probably just played the worst game of their career.”

It wasn’t much better on Saturday, when they lost 3-1.

“We just got beat in every aspect of the game this weekend,” Pecknold said on Saturday to WQUN. “They were just better than us in every single area.”

On Friday, Quinnipiac got out-hustled, out-manned, out-efforted, and overall out-classed in an effort that left Pecknold searching for the correct adjectives.

“We lack hunger, we lack intensity, and alot of it, guys are just reading our press clippings that we’re supposed to be this super team, and we’re not,” Pecknold said.

Saturday’s game was played with slightly more passion, but mostly the same result. Air Force took a 1st period lead halfway through the period, and never looked back.

“My top players are struggling, they’re not making plays; they’re not even coming close to making plays,” Pecknold said.

Pecknold plans on getting straight to work when the team flies back to the east coast on Sunday.

“We’re not in great shape. We need to practice,” Pecknold said. “We need to become a better hockey team.”

Meanwhile, Pecknold had complimentary things to say about the Academy.

“They’re a good hockey team,” Pecknold said. “You can see why they went to the NCAA’s last year and almost beat Minnesota. They wanted it more than us this weekend, and I give them alot of the credit.”

Meanwhile, the Bobcats are forced to circle the wagons and get back to business. They have 10 days before a contest against American International, a team widely regarded as one of the worst in the nation. The date most fans have circled, however is November 2. That’s the date of their first ECAC Hockey game of the season against Colgate in Hamilton, N.Y.

“We’re struggling right now. We struggled the other night against Bentley, and we really don’t have an identity yet,” Pecknold said. “We’ll go back to the drawing board.”


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