Quinnipiac falls to SLU 6-1

Quinnipiac falls to SLU 6-1
By Thomas Butto

The Quinnipiac Bobcats had a tough task on Friday, Saint Lawerence University, the #5 team in the country and it was evident from the beginning moments of the game that they were overmatched.

From the opening minutes of the game, Quinnipiac was the slower team and did not have the crisp passing and puck handling of the Saint Lawerence team. As a result the Bobcats were playing from behind right from the beginning when SLU scored only 2:30 minutes into the game. The Bobcats continued the trend of playing from behind and starting off slow and rusty on the ice. Throughout the 1st period they had to play in their zone and play defense because of the three penalties that they committed. The Bobcats have had problems in the past with committing penalties early in games that have forced them to play a lot of defense.

“We had to play on our heels the whole game… we played a lot of defense throughout the game” head coach Michael Barrett said.

The only bright spot in the whole game was Freshman goaltender Tia Wishart from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The Bobcats were asking a lot from Wishart in this game because it was the first start of her collegiate career, but she stepped up and had a decent game. Even though she did give up six goals in the game, she was bombarded with Saint Lawerence’s offense throughout the game, stopping 37 of 43 shots.

“She (Tia Wishart) kept us in the 1st two periods of the game. The shots on goal were lopsided… she didn’t deserve to be put in that situation… the goal at the buzzer hurt us. I give her tremendous credit” Barrett said.

The goal at the buzzer that Coach Barrett was talking about was at the end of the second period when Saint Lawerence scored a goal with less than a second left in the game to make it 3-0. That goal really took the wind out of Quinnipiac’s sails because the Bobcats were only down 2-0 at that point and was hanging in there even though they were outshot 43 to 17 in the game.

The 3rd period was Quinnipiac’s best period as a team, with them scoring their only goal of the game by Kallie Flor. However, this period resulted in three goals for Saint Lawerence.

“We have an angry locker room. This team won’t accept a loss” said Coach Barrett after the game.

And that is the kind of attitude they will need if they want to carry on and win games this year.


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