Back to Back Wins Blow Seawolves Away

Back to Back Wins Blow Seawolves Away
By: Kevin Lo and Jon Leach
November 29, 2007

HAMDEN — Coming off a compelling consolation game at U. Maine’s Dead River Tournament, where QU defeated host U. Maine and finished third, the Bobcats returned home to pick up a win against the Stony Brook Seawolves on Thursday night in Hamden. This was their third win of the season and their second straight win in dramatic fashion. The Bobcats defeated the Seawolves 58-41 and have now improved to 3-1 overall this season.

Both teams got off to a rough start. Stony Brook committed four straight turnovers on their first four offensive possessions and seemed hot and bothered by the Bobcats suffocating defense. “We had a lot of different defensive schemes” claimed coach Tricia Fabbri. Unfortunately for the Bobcats, they failed to capitalize in the opening minutes of the game as they shot 1-5 from the field and didn’t score until the 17:30 mark. Stony Brook didn’t score their first basket until the 15:30 mark.

The Seawolves were down 8-5 six minutes into the game, and that’s the closest they would get. Less than 10 min into the opening half, the Bobcats held a 22-13 lead, but they weren’t done yet. The Bobcats shot, slashed and scored their way to a 33-10 run to finish the half. Mandy Pennewell proved to be a key player in that explosive first half as she scored 13 of her 15 points in the first half. Stony Brook shot an abysmal 19% from the field and committed 10 turnovers leading to a 41-18 deficit at the end of the first half.

The beginning of the second half was pretty much the same for both teams. Stony Brook continued to struggle from the field and the Bobcats continued to play tough defense and run the floor en route to easy buckets. 11 minutes into the game Stony Brook began to slowly make a dent in QU’s 20 point lead. With 5 minutes remaining, Stony Brook found themselves down 18 with the score 54-36 Quinnipiac. The Bobcats bared down defensively and held the Sea Wolves to 5 points over the last 5 min of the game.   

Overall Stony Brook struggled the whole game, shooting just 22% from the floor. It was a rough game for both teams who both shot under 40% and committed close to 20 turnovers each but QU found a way to bring that first half intensity and close out the second half.  

Mandy Pennewell shot 6-10 from the floor with 3 threes for a total of 15 pts “when you get hot, you get hot,” she said in her response to her high shooting percentage and downtown daggers. Her efforts combined with Erin Kerner’s 11 points, 5 rebounds and 4 blocks accounted for a great deal of the Bobcats success. Monique Lee came close to a double-double with 10 points and 8 rebounds despite one of her lesser performances from the field. Four players from Quinnipiac scored at least 10 point with Brianna Rooney being the fourth, netting her 10 through a series of fast break layups and free throws. 

The Bobcats face Holy Cross next in their last game before conference play. In order to win Fabbri claimed the Bobcats “have to change everything.” We’ll see if her constant switching of defensive screens and intensity will be enough to propel the Bobcats to a win over Holy Cross.


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