Official update on new sports director

To all of the loyal viewers of this amazing site,

As now former Co-Sports Director I wanted to give all of you an update and reasoning for why I will no longer be working aside Mike Radomski in the spring.  This past weekend I attended the Baseball Winter Meetings in search of a broadcasting job.  Tuesday the 9th I was offered to be the Daytona Cubs number 2 radio broadcaster.  As difficult a decision as it was, it was one I could not turn down.  So in January I will be heading down to Daytona Beach working for this great organization.

I wanted to thank all of you for the support you have shown WQAQ and this great website.  Andrew Fletcher has done an amazing job revamping this site to be one of the best in the country.  While I will not be at Quinnipiac in the spring I will be returning in the fall and whatever role I have then I will still be an avid member of this great organization.

For those people who do not attend Quinnipiac and do not know yet, Jamie Palatini will be filling in my spot as C0-sports director.  Jamie has been a stellar member of the department for the last three years and everyone has full faith he will only take the department to a new level.

So thanks again and keep on checking the site as our excellent writers continue to update you on the world of Quinnipiac sports.


Mike Silverman


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