WQAQ Broadcaster: Tom Butto

Tom Butto

Tom Butto is a junior at Quinnipiac University majoring in broadcast journalism and focusing on a Sports Studies minor. Tom is in his third year of broadcasting sports events for the Sports Department at WQAQ. Tom has covered a plethora of sports for WQAQ, including basketball, baseball, volleyball, field hockey and softball. His on air experience as a broadcaster for these events has been both as a play-by- play announcer and as a color commentator.

Tom is also a beat writer for the WQAQ sports blog. Tom has written blogs for women’s ice hockey, softball, and field hockey. As a beat writer for the softball team and field hockey team, he attended every home game.

As well as beat writing and calling games for the radio station, Tom also hosts his radio show, “The Bountiful Butto Sports Bonanza,” with Kevin Lo, another member of the sports department. The show is currently in its second semester on the air and already has won the “Best Segment” award for the obscure sports segment that they do every week. The show is on Monday nights from 10-12 p.m. and covers local and national teams from the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL. Tom’s prior experience with a radio show on WQAQ was on Mike Radomski’s “Rad Radio Sports Show” as the NFL expert. He also shared his knowledge about the MLB.

Tom has showed his versatility in another way, aside from the sports department. During his freshman year for two semesters he hosted the “Rockin’ Classic Rock Show.” Tom showed his passion for Classic Rock music by playing music from the best Classic Rock bands, as well as giving fun facts about the bands and songs. He also shared his own knowledge about the music.

Tom has also won several awards during his short time as a member of the WQAQ sports department. He has won “Rookie of the Semester” and “Best Update of the Semester,” along with the “Best Segment” award.

In Tom’s personal life, he is a 2007 graduate of Christian Brothers Academy in Lincroft, N.J. He is a big fan of baseball, basketball and football, and enjoys watching ESPN. Tom enjoys candlelight dinners, checkers and dancing in the moonlight on spring nights. He also loves to drink Arizona Iced Tea.


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