Under legal pressure, Quinnipiac reinstates volleyball

By Jeremy Schilling

Back on March 4, Quinnipiac University announced that due to the current economic downturn, they would have to cut the men’s golf team, men’s outdoor track, and the women’s volleyball team. As a result, on April 17, the volleyball team sued the school, claiming Title IX.

This was brought up later that month at an interview school President John Lahey had with The Quinnipiac Chronicle. He denied the accusations in the suit, but said he does understand what Title IX says. He went on to say that if the courts did in fact find that Quinnipiac was in violation, they would have to act further and cut more men’s sports.

Well, in a victory for the volleyball team, that is exactly what happened. It was announced today that volleyball is being reinstated, with men’s indoor track now being cut. The following was the news release put out by John Morgan, associate vice president for public relations:

“In light of recent judicial action, Quinnipiac University will eliminate men’s indoor track in addition to the previously announced elimination of men’s golf and men’s outdoor track. The University’s women’s volleyball program will be reinstated.

“The University’s Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs will immediately begin a comprehensive review of Quinnipiac’s offices of athletic compliance and the athletic director and where necessary, will make appropriate changes in the athletics department to ensure that Title IX reported participation numbers for all men’s and women’s athletic teams are accurate and adhered to by all coaches.

“During the 2009-10 year, the University will also be able to determine actual, as opposed to projected, participation numbers for its newly added women’s sport of competitive cheer.”

WQAQ Sports will continue to cover this story as it develops.


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